Fall in Love with These 10 Fall Bridal Shower Themes

Hey there, DIY event and wedding planners! As the leaves change colors and the air turns crisp, it’s the perfect time to host a heartwarming Fall Bridal Shower for your beautiful bride-to-be. With Fall being my absolute favorite time of year, I’m thrilled to bring you a complete guide on planning an unforgettable fall-themed celebration. From inspiring theme ideas to mouth-watering seasonal menus, stunning DIY decorations, thoughtful favors, and entertaining game ideas, I’ve got you covered.

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10 Fall Bridal Shower Themes to Consider

First, let’s talk about themes for your fall bridal shower. There are so many creative ways you can capture the essence of autumn for your seasonal event, so let these 10 theme ideas be your source of inspiration.

#1 | Flannel, and Fizz

Fall comfort meets chic celebration with a “Flannel and Fizz” bridal shower theme. Encourage your shower guests to don their favorite flannels while enjoying a bubbly affair with champagne and sparkling beverages. 

Create an ultra cozy ambiance with a fall inspired champagne bar, including apple, pear and cinnamon accouterments. Your flannel-clad party goers get to experiment with fun flavor profiles while they celebrate the bride-to-be. 

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Buffalo Check Table Runner for Flannel and Fizz Fall Bridal Shower Theme
Buffalo Check Bride to Be Banner for Fall Bridal Shower
Gold rimmed disposable champage glasses

#2 | Fall in Love Bridal Shower Theme

Embrace the romance of the season with a heartwarming “Fall in Love” bridal shower. Decorate with a cascade of falling leaves – a perfect DIY bridal shower backdrop for photo opportunities. Pull in rich vibrant fall hues to your place settings and decorations. 

Consider incorporating gold dipped leaves for place setting tags and rustic arrangements of branches and fallen leaves for your centerpieces. This event theme is the perfect way to create an enchanting vibe to celebrate the bride that loves the autumn season. 

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leaf tablecloth
Gold leaf garland fall in love bridal shower decorations
fall in love bridal shower banner

#3 | Vino Before Vows

One of my favorite activities of the fall season is a luxurious leisurely wine tasting tour. Hey, I live in the Finger Lakes, can you blame me?! There’s nothing better than throwing on a cozy sweater, hitting the road on a crisp but sunny fall day and popping in and out of beautiful wineries on the lake (at least in my opinion). 

Why not capture the essence of this alluring fall activity for a festive “Vino Before Vows” themed bridal shower! Raise a toast to the bride’s upcoming vows and combine the elegance of wine tasting with autumn-inspired elements, vineyard-inspired decor, and delectable wine and cheese pairings for an unforgettable celebration.

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burgunday and rose gold balloon garland

#4 | Fall on the Farm Bridal Shower

There’s no better way to celebrate the season and your bride-to-be than with a “Fall on the Farm” bridal shower. This theme would be perfect for any outdoor space, whether you’re hosting in your backyard, or at a park pavilion. 

Set the scene with bales of hay, pumpkins, and mason jar centerpieces filled with vibrant autumn flowers. Encourage guests to embrace cozy plaid and flannel attire for a touch of rustic charm.

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Jute table runners for fall bridal shower theme
Fall flower centerpiece
mason jars

#5 | Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice

Embrace the quintessential autumn flavors with a “Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice” fall bridal shower theme. The theme pretty much lays the foundation for some fun pumpkin themed decor and treats. 

Create a hot cocoa and coffee bar with pumpkin spice and cinnamon flavorings, and serve pumpkin and cinnamon flavored desserts. Decorate with cute pumpkin tablescapes, and banners, and indulge in the best of autumn’s offerings with this festive theme. 

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Fall bridal shower balloon garland
velvet pumpkins
plaid drink cup holders

#6 | Sunflower Soiree Bridal Shower

Autumn is the season of sunflowers, so for a more sunny bride-to-be, this “Sunflower Soiree” theme is perfect for elevating your fall bridal shower with some bright and lively decor. 

Naturally, sunflower centerpieces are an obvious decor choice, but also incorporate vibrant and cheery garlands and tablescapes to set the scene. Better yet, bring the party outdoors to soak in a sunny fall day. You might also consider taking the party to a local sunflower farm for a pick-your-own sunflower bouquet activity.

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sunflower garland
yellow chiffon table runner

# 7 | Boho Harvest Bash Bridal Shower

Host a laid-back and eclectic “Boho Harvest Bash” bridal shower to revel in the spirit of fall. Embrace bohemian decor, dreamcatchers, and earthy elements while celebrating the beauty of the season. 

Create a dreamy atmosphere with teepees adorned with fairy lights, dreamcatchers, and natural greenery centerpieces. Incorporate fun boho-inspired activities like having guests make their own flower crowns.This theme is all about encouraging your guests and bride-to-be to unwind and connect with nature’s beauty.

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lace teepee
teracotta cheesecloth table runner
pampas grass decor

#8 | Fall Fireside Fiesta Bridal Shower

Combine the warmth of a fireside gathering with the liveliness of a fiesta by hosting a “Fall Fireside Fiesta” bridal shower. Create a festive atmosphere with vibrant decor, Mexican-inspired cuisine, and cozy seating around a crackling fire. Or, grab a couple of these cute tabletop fire pits that’ll fit any indoor or outdoor space!

Serve fun fall refreshments with a mexican twist, like mexican hot chocolate, and create a DIY S’mores bar for after dinner desserts by the fire. This unique blend of elements guarantees a memorable experience for your bride and your guests.

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fiesta shower decorations
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#9 | Rustic Picnic in the Park Bridal Shower

Celebrate your bride-to-be with a charming rustic fall picnic amidst nature’s changing colors. For this “Picnic in the Park” Fall Bridal Shower, set-up a delectable spread of sandwiches, salads, and homemade pies. 

Incorporate rustic DIY centerpieces using branches and fallen leaves. Set-up fun outdoor lawn games for guests to mingle and stretch their legs, and provide cozy blankets and pillows for ultimate relaxation and enjoyment.

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fall outdoor blanket
vintage style picnic basket

#10 Hollywood Glam in Fall Bridal Shower

Bring vintage red-carpet glamor to the fall season with a Hollywood Glam bridal shower theme. Choose an elegant color palette of gold, ivory, and burgundy, and incorporate vintage-inspired decor like antique frames and candelabras. 

Serve bubbly out of elegant stemware and a spread of delicate finger foods for guests to enjoy as they mingle. Add touches of gold and sparkle to create a lavish affair that will leave everyone feeling like a star.

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marbled cake stands
emerald table runner
gold tassle banners

Fall Bridal Shower Decorations – Bringing Nature’s Beauty Indoors

OK, so you’ve picked your theme, you’ve selected your menu. What’s next?! It’s time to figure out your fall bridal shower decorations. When it comes to festive fall decor, let nature be your guide and think warm, rich, hues.

Here are just a few ideas to get your wheels turning:

  • Incorporate natural elements like pumpkins, gourds, in-season fruits, and colorful leaves into your table settings. Use accents, such as raw wood slabs, hale bales for seating for a more rustic fall vibe.
  • Mason jars filled with gorgeous autumn florals are always a good go to as well, for fall centerpieces, but you can get even more creative by using your pumpkins as vessels for fall floral too!
  • Choose in-season patterns and textures, like plaid and jute, or rich warm-colored linens and jewel-tone glassware to infuse that vibrant autumn aesthetic into your event space.
  • For a cozy fall atmosphere, hang string lights or fairy lights to add a magical touch for evening events. Consider adding seasonal scented candles and blankets if you’re hosting your event outdoors.
  • A fun decorative fall item for you bridal shower that fits any theme is a pumpkin guestbook. Display a faux white pumpkin a sign, and provide some sharpies for your guests.

And of course, consider the seasonal shower theme you selected for more inspiration on special details that’ll bring it to life!

Next, let’s talk about how to incorporate seasonal favorites into your spread. For crafting your menu, focus on dishes that feature in-season produce and ingredients.

Top considerations for your menu should be hearty, warm, and plentiful in flavor. Whether you’re planning a brunch, a spread of autumn appetizers, or a full lunch, check out the blog on Menu Ideas for Fall Themed Events to inspire your choices.

Fall bridal shower menu ideas

10 Fall Bridal Shower Game Ideas to Keep the Fun Flowing

When it comes to planning a your event, you’ve already chosen the perfect autumnal theme to set the mood. Now, it’s time to add some excitement and laughter to the festivities with engaging and fun fall-themed games and activities. While classic games like “He Said She Said” and “Bridal Shower Bingo” are always crowd-pleasers, incorporating unique seasonal-inspired games will make the celebration truly memorable.

So, get ready to create cherished memories with these ten delightful fall bridal shower game ideas.

fall bridal shower game ideas

10 Fun Seasonal Favor Ideas

Last, but not least, show your guests gratitude with charming fall-inspired favors. We already discussed some fun ways to have your fall bridal shower activities pull double duty as take-home favors, however here are some additional ideas to consider:

  1. Homemade apple butter
  2. Orange marmalade
  3. Pumpkin spice-scented candles
  4. Packages of caramel popcorn
  5. Wrapped maple candies
  6. Hand soaps in fall scents
  7. Packets of sunflower seeds to plant
  8. Potted mums
  9. Roasted pumpkin seeds
  10. Mini Apple Pies

Any of these ideas also work as bridal shower game prizes.

Final Thoughts on Planning a Fall Bridal Shower

Though we’ve talked about a lot of ideas for planning a festive bridal shower, feel free to make them your own based on your and your bride-to-be’s unique tastes. Just remember to embrace the vibrant fall hues in your decorations, incorporate favorite fall flavors in your menu, and celebrate the beauty of the season.

So, have fun in the process of creating cherished memories with friends and family this fall. 

Happy planning!


The Savvy Swaréy!

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10 Fall Bridal Shower Themes
10 Themes for Your Fall Bridal Shower
10 Fall Bridal Shower Themes

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