How to Repurpose Jars Into Beautiful Boho Centerpieces

Repurpose Jars into boho centerepieces

It’s no secret that there are a million uses for old glass jars. The most practical and easy to replicate, in my opinion, is a simple glass vase. With a few basic materials, you can create a stunning centerpiece. No one would guess it was once used for your Sunday dinner! In this step-by-step guide, I’ll show you exactly how to repurpose jars into cute little vases that can be used as home decor or as DIY budget-friendly event centerpieces. Are you ready to get started?!


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What Jars are Best to Repurpose?

For this project, the best jars to reuse are pasta sauce jars and pickle jars, given their larger size and opening. That said, feel free to use any jars you have lying around that you want to repurpose. You might even decide to repurpose a few different types of jars to give your centerpieces more dimension, by using a cluster of various sizes.

How to Easily Remove Jar Labels?

Once you’ve selected your jars for the project, before we can get started with the transformation process, we have to remove all those old labels. Here’s my process for easily removing har labels.

  1. Soak. Submerge the entire jar in a warm sudsy bath, using 1-2 tablespoons of liquid dish detergent and ½ cup of white vinegar. I usually soak mine for about 30 minutes to an hour.
  2. Remove. Once removed from the bath, carefully peel off the label with a razor blade or butter knife starting at the corner and working your way edge to edge.
  3. Wash. After the label is removed, I’ll usually give my jar another wash, scrubbing thoroughly to help remove any sticky glue residue.
  4. Scrub. For really stubborn residue that won’t seem to come off, you can scrub them with a mixture of baking soda and olive oil.

Project Tutorial | DIY Boho Centerpieces from Repurposed Jars

OK, now that you’ve found and cleaned your jar(s), we’re ready to get into the meat of the project. Let’s start by collecting all of our materials. I’ve linked to what I used for this project throughout, but feel free to source your own, or use alternatives that you like best.

Project Materials to Repurpose Jars:

repurpose jars project supplies

Step 1: Prepare Your Workspace

Before you begin, lay down a newspaper or a drop cloth to protect your work surface. This will help catch any paint overspray, or stray glue bits, and make for easy cleanup.

Step 2: Wrap Jar with Jute Twine

Start by plugging in your hot glue gun and waiting until it gets to temp.

Starting at the top of the jar, around the lip of the container where the lid would have gone, apply a small dab of hot glue to secure the end of the jute twine. 

Slowly wrap the twine around the jar, adding a dab of hot glue every few inches to ensure it stays in place. Continue wrapping until you reach the desired height.

Step 3: Secure and Trim the Twine

Once you’ve wrapped the twine to your liking, cut the twine and secure the end with hot glue. Make sure the end is neatly tucked and glued in place. Trim any excess twine.

repurpose jars by adhering jute twine

Step 4: Mask Off the Bottom of Your Jar

Using painter’s tape, mask off the area of the jar that you want to leave clear, leaving the portion of the jar you want to paint gold exposed. Make sure the tape is straight and level for a clean finish. Press it down firmly to prevent paint from seeping under the tape.

Step 5: Apply Gold Spray Paint

Take your masked jar outside or to a well-ventilated area. Holding the jar upside down, evenly spray the bottom section with gold paint. Be sure to follow the instructions on the spray paint can for the best results. Allow it to dry completely according to the recommended drying time.

Step 6: Remove Painter’s Tape

Carefully peel off the painter’s tape to reveal the clean, gold-painted edge. If there are any imperfections, you can touch up the gold paint using a small paintbrush.

Step 7: Fill with Greenery or Candles

Your transformed jar is ready to fill with greenery, floral or candles, depending on your desired aesthetic. For mine, I mixed faux greenery with white floral to complete my boho vibe, but of course, that part is completely your call. 

finished centerpiece using repurposed jar

Ready to Repurpose Your Old Jars?

Voila! You’ve successfully repurposed old glass jars into beautiful centerpieces. These unique and eco-friendly decor pieces will add a touch of charm to any space, and you can customize them to match your personal style. 

That’s it! Super quick and easy. Questions? Drop a comment or send me a message via the contact form below. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and share your DIY creations on using #SavvySwareyDIYs.

Happy crafting!


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