The Best Bridal Shower Playlist & Name That Love Song Game

Name That Love Song Bridal Shower Game Playlist

Name That Love Song is a guaranteed hit for any bridal shower crowd. Why? Because it combines two important elements for a fun-filled bridal shower. Music and competition.

First, no bridal shower is complete without a killer playlist. Check one more thing off your to-do list by using my pre-curated playlist of the best love songs. From oldie classics like “L-O-V-E” by Nat King Cole, to more modern hits including Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud,” this playlist is a crowd pleaser for all ages! Find the link to my Amazon playlist below.

How to Play Name that Love Song

Next, let’s talk how to actually play the “Name that Love Song” game. There are two ways to play and we’ll cover both. You pick your preference!

Option 1:

1. Create playlist. Check that off your list, I’ve already done that for you!

2. Purchase stickers. I’ve linked to what I’ve used and additional favorites below

Pack of Heart Stickers

Packs of heart stickers

Rainbow Heart Stickers

rainbow heart stickers

3. Cue the music & game start. When the bride-to-be is beginning to open her presents, get the playlist cued up on your phone and let your guests know you’ll be starting the “Name That Love Song” game. Let them know that you’ll begin playing a song and the first person to guess it right gets a sticker. The person with the most stickers at the end of the game wins. Yes… this can get REALLY competitive.

NOTE: I recommend using a bluetooth speaker to amplify your music. Bridal shower guests can be a noisy bunch and you’ll want to make sure everyone can hear the songs as you begin playing them.

4. Start the game. Have your bride-to-be pause her present opening periodically (every few gifts) to play your next clip. You can do this by just saying, “OK, I’m going to play the next clip, everyone ready?” Play the clip and the first persont to shout out the right answer gets a sticker.

5. Conclude game. The games ends when you’ve reached the end of your playlist, or the end of the present opening, whichever comes first. At the end, poll your guests for who’s got the most stickers. You can say something like, OK, anyone have 5 stickers? And wait for someone to raise their hand. If no one does, continue to 4, 3, 2, etc.

6. Award Prize. Make sure to have some great bridal shower game prizes ready to distribute.

Option 2:

A variation on how you can play this game is you can print game boards instead. This is a little less interactive, but involves less coordination on your part.

1. Download Game Board. Instead, customize and print out your free Name That Love Song game board. You can access this printable template as a Savvy Subscriber, by clicking the link below.

Free Printable Name That Love Song Bridal Shower Game Board

2. Distribute Game Boards. Provide each guest with a gameboard and writing utensil.

3. Announce Game Instructions. During the shower, announce the game and how to play. You’ll be playing short clips of several famous love songs. Each guest will have to make their best guess as to the song name and artist.

4. Play Clips from Playlist. You can then literally run through the playlist one song after another and have guests write their guesses down on their game boards.

5. Confirm the Winner. When you’ve gone through all songs, read the answers out loud and tally up who got the most correct.

That’s it, friends! Before you leave, check out these additional bridal shower planning resources to make sure your celebration flows, your guests are entertained, and your decorations are on point.

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Happy planning!