Unicorn Party Hats, The Perfect Unicorn Party Favor

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Supplies for Unicorn Horn Birthday Hats:

These unicorn birthday party favors are not only adorable but also affordable, making them the perfect addition to your celebration. To make these DIY unicorn party hats, you will need the following tools and supplies:

Unicorn Headband DIY. Learn how to make your own unicorn headband party favors.

Craft Tools:

Unicorn Party Hat Supplies:

Unicorn Party Hat Supplies for DIY Project

I found all of the unicorn party hat supplies at the Dollar Store, believe it or not, but if you’re local stores do not carry these specific items, then you can find these items are your local craft store or national chains online such as Michaels, Joann Fabrics, or Hobby Lobby. 

Unicorn Party Hats Step-by-Step Guide

In this step-by-step guide, learn how to take cheap Dollar Store supplies and turn them into impressive unicorn party favors your kiddo and your party guests will love. Ready to get started?

First, lets’ prep your unicorn horns.

1. Disassemble. Deconstruct your party hats by carefully opening them up and removing the elastic band. 

2. Trim. Cut your party hats down to the size you need. For mine, which were already a slimmer party hat, I cut about a ¼” off the long edge of the hat and about a ¼” off around the bottom. For more traditional size party hats, you may need to trim this down further. As a test, roll the hat back up and check that you’ve got a bout a 2″ diameter circle at the bottom.

NOTE: Be careful not to cut too close to the holes that hold the elastic band as you’ll use these to secure your hat to the headband. 

3. Reassemble. Once you’ve trimmed your party hats, you’re ready to hot glue them back together. Once your hot glue gun is hot, run a line of glue down the long edge of the party hat. Quickly pull the other side over top of the glued edge and push down tightly from both sides for several seconds, until the glue cools. Set aside and repeat the process until all party hats are reassembled. 

Now, it’s time to prep your unicorn ears.

Unicorn Ear Supplies
Supply needs for unicorn ear prep

5. Cut Out Ears. Cut out your ear shapes along the template lines using your fabric scissors and set aside. Once you’ve cut them all out, you can remove the template paper.

6. Assemble Ears.

  • Once your glue gun is up to temp, attach the smaller ear shapes to the larger ones with a dab of hot glue.
  • Cut a small slit at the bottom of each ear.
  • Join both sides of the ear by dabbing a spot of glue on one side and pulling the other side overtop.
  • Press the two sides firmly together until the glue cools and then set aside. Repeat the process for each ear.

7. Trim Ears. You may have some excess felt after you’ve joined the bottom of your ears, so trim that off so you’ve got a clean, straight edge.

Next, We’re ready to assemble our unicorn party headband.

8. Secure Headband. Slide your headband into the holes of your unicorn party hat until it’s positioned at the center of the headband. At each of the holes, place a dab of hot glue and apply a little pressure where the hat meets the headband until the glue has cooled.

9. Secure Ears. Hot glue one ear on either side of the horn, attaching each ear from the underside of the headband.

Lastly, add your embellishments!

12. Secure Ribbon.

  • Cut a long strand of sparkly ribbon and wrap around the front of the horn towards its base. Secure at the front and by the headband with small dabs of hot glue. Apply pressure until cooled and the ribbon is secured.
  • Tie and double not your ribbon at the back of the horn. You can leave it at that, OR, add additional strands of ribbon. Simply slip the ribbon behind the one you already tied and knot it in the same position.
  • Continue until you’re happy with the volume of ribbons (kind of acts as the unicorn hair).
Floral and ribbon assembly for handmade unicorn party hat favors.

13. Add flowers. Adhere to the front of the horn with hot glue. I chose a trio of flowers for each, one accent in the center and then two on either side of that in the same contrasting color.

14. Clean-up! Last but not least, hot glue can get a little messy, so if you haven’t already as you’ve gone through this process, give those finished unicorn party hats a once-over and make sure you’ve pulled off any excess glue strands.

Voila! Your DIY unicorn party favor is complete and ready to gift to your guests to wear!

Now It’s Time to Make Yours!

Hosting a unicorn-themed birthday party is a great way to bring a little magic and whimsy to your celebration. With these DIY unicorn headbands as party favors, your guests will have a fun and memorable accessory to take home. Plus, making these headbands is a fun activity that you can do with your child or with a group of friends. Any questions, please be sure to reach out.

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