Boho Chic Bridal Shower: Elevate Your Celebration with DIY Décor

Elevate Your Boho Bridal Shower with DIY Décor

No matter where you decide to host a bridal shower, décor is a huge piece of the puzzle and you don’t want to skimp on this part. You may be planning to host the party in a banquet hall, lodge, or community center. Whatever the space, while it may be stunning, bridal shower venues don’t come personalized to the bride-to-be or your theme. As a result, they can feel sparse if decoration plans aren’t taken into account. In this article, we’ll look at how an event venue was transformed into a beautiful bohemian bridal shower celebration using stunning DIY boho chic decorations.

In this Savvy Bridal Shower Feature, we’ll talk about:

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Transforming the Venue Space Into a Boho Chic Bridal Shower

This beautiful bridal shower was hosted by the bride-to-be’s mom and sister at the Shadow Lake Golf & Racquet Club in Rochester, NY. The space was a stunning dining room that overlooked the golf course grounds through wall-to-wall windows. Though the space is a naturally beautiful setting to host any event, the bride-to-be’s personal style trends more towards the boho aesthetic of natural earthy tones and textures.

Bridal Shower at Shadow Lake Golf and Racquet Club in Rochester NY
Shadow Lake Golf and Racquet Club in Rochester, NY – Before Boho Transformation

This being the case, the bridal party wanted to make the space feel more personalized to the bride’s style, so they created several unique décor elements. These elements helped to define the space and also bring a boho chic thematic into the celebration.

The key pieces they focused on included:

  • Bridal Shower Signage with Boho Accents and Texture
  • Balloon Garland Backdrop with a Boho Color Scheme
  • Boho Bridal Shower Centerpieces with Palms and Pampas Grasses

Let’s take a closer look at each of these, and then, get tips on how to style your own bohemian bridal shower.

DIY Boho Bridal Shower Signage

You may have heard of a little thing called Cricut. And if you haven’t… well, it’s pretty much changing the game for anyone planning a DIY event. Cricut is a smart cutting machine and app that allows you to design and personalize almost anything. Cricut was put to work to create this stunning DIY boho bridal shower signage. 

Bridal Shower Welcome Sign made with Cricut lettering and boho floral

At the entrance, guests were greeted by a beautiful handmade sign welcoming them to the shower. The aesthetic they were going for was a semi-transparent vellum that looked chic and expensive, while in actuality this material choice was very affordable. The sign was made using a polycarbonate material they found had a similar look and feel to the vellum, for a lower price point.

Next, they used Cricut to design and cut the lettering. Finally, they hand tied and affixed a small floral arrangement using palm leaves and pampas grass to give it that final touch of boho flair.

The result? A Boho Bridal Shower welcome sign that looked everything the part to fit this upscale venue, without the price tag. Acheive a similar look using these materials:

Aside from the beautiful welcome sign, they were able to achieve a similar boho look and feel throughout the rest of the bridal shower’s signage.

Boho bridal shower signage

Their secret? They chose simple and affordable acrylic t-shaped sign holders you can find at any office store or online marketplace to create the table signage.

They simply applied the Cricut made lettering directly to the acrylic sign holders and dressed them up with a little jute wrap and floral. Simple, affordable, and beautiful. The perfect combo.

As additional table accents, they used vintage brass candlesticks and arrangements of pampas grass and palms in a variety of glass vases.

Boho Bridal Shower Centerpieces

Centerpieces are an essential part of any bridal shower décor planning, and boho chic centerpieces are all about natural elements. Given there are so many choices that fit the bill, including a wide selection of greenery, grasses, and even natural wood elements, there are so many directions you can go for boho bridal shower table decorations.

For this bridal shower, the table centerpieces were created using a trio of vintage bud vases with floral accents, including palms, eucalyptus, succulents, and pink and burgundy flowers for a pop of color and richness. 

boho bridal shower centerpieces using vintage bud vases, eucalyptus, palms and flowers

Bohemian Bridal Shower Decorations

And what would a bridal shower be without some photos of the bride-to-be? Afterall, that’s who we’re here to celebrate! Guests love to see snaps of the bride through the years or of the happy couple throughout their love story.

The bridal party created a unique statement decoration for this bohemian bridal shower using a blanket ladder (yup, they said they bought it at TJ Maxx for just that purpose originally and repurposed it for the shower! So creative and resourceful, right?) Using jute, and mini clothespins, they affixed photos of the soon-to-be-newlyweds.

To give it that added boho chic touch, they added an arrangement of pampas grass and palms.

DIY Boho Bridal Shower photo display using a blanket ladder

This element was such a perfect addition to not only fill the space with thematic décor, but also personalize the bridal shower venue with fun photos of the bride and groom for guests to view.

Boho Balloon Garland Backdrop

Last but not least, the show stopper. Every bridal shower needs that instagrammable photo opp for the bride-to-be. And, this was it. 

Boho balloon garland backdrop using beige, orange, and white balloons

Using balloon garland kits from Amazon, a simple backdrop kit and sheer swags in alternating neutral colors, they created a stunning space for the bride-to-be to open her gifts.

The vintage Rattan Peacock chair was the icing on the boho bridal shower cake. And the neon “Bride-to-Be” sign found on Amazon was the sprinkles.

This space became the instagrammable focal point of the shower for guests to grab snaps with the beautiful bride-to-be.

Tips for Styling a Bohemian Bridal Shower

Inspired by this boho chic bridal shower décor? I sure was! With their focus on those three key aspects, the signage, the centerpieces, and the photo backdrop, they were able to completely transform an otherwise beautiful, but neutral bridal shower venue into the boho celebration space the bride was envisioning. 

So, ready to plan your own? There’s really no wrong way to style a boho chic bridal shower, but here are some guidelines and tips to help you do the same.

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How to Create a Boho Bridal Shower Aesthetic

Boho chic is all about earthy tones, natural textures, and a laid-back vibe. When it comes to boho chic bridal shower décor, consider the following:

  • Color scheme – Use muted colors like cream, beige, and brown as your base and add pops of color as accents. 
  • Fabrics – Use materials like macrame, burlap and lace when considering table décor.
  • Materials – Integrate natural elements into your signage and tablescapes like greenery or grasses.
  • Decorative accents – Vintage thrifted elements make the perfect decorative accents, such as thrifted bud vases, throw rugs, or statement furniture pieces like the Peacock chair.

Next, let’s look at how you can decorate for a boho bridal shower on a budget.

How to DIY Boho Bridal Shower Decorations on a Budget

Creating a boho chic bridal shower on a budget is all about being creative with materials. Finding alternative budget-friendly materials for the welcome sign and repurposing a blanket ladder as a DIY photo display are just a few examples of how you can think outside of the box. Here are some tips for DIY boho bridal shower decorations on a budget.

  • Alternative Materials: Once you have your desired aesthetic in mind, consider alternative materials or elements you already have that can achieve a similar look and feel. You can also consider using natural elements in your décor plans like leaves, branches, and raw wood materials to create boho chic centerpieces. These elements can be paired with vintage accents to create a really upscale and boho chic look if you do it right. That’s where Pinterest comes in handy!
  • Hunt for Deals: Finding deals is also huge in decorating on a budget. Wait for deals at your local craft stores, buy in bulk at online retailers, shop dollar stores, or at your local thrift stores for affordable materials and accent items. You can also consider upcycling items like mason jars and wine bottles as vases.

Lastly, if you’re looking to recreate this stunning DIY balloon garland backdrop, we’ve got some tips and tricks to share.

DIY Boho Garland Backdrop Tips

A balloon garland backdrop is a stunning way to add a boho chic touch to your bridal shower décor. And though this DIY boho garland may look intimidating to the beginner, it’s actually pretty easy to accomplish.

DIY Balloon garland backdrop tutorial

Steps for creating a DIY Balloon Garland Backdrop:

1. Purchase. Select your color scheme and buy a full balloon garland kit or build your own with a mix of different sized balloons in your desired colors. As a balloon garland pro, B recommends purchasing more than you think you need. If buying a kit, purchase two. Worst case, you can return what you don’t use. Here is a similar boho balloorn garland kit option if you like this style and color combination.

Boho balloon garland kit

2. Prep. Blow up your balloons in varying sizes, mostly small, and medium, with just a few large.

3. Assemble. If you purchased a kit, these typically come with a garland ribbon that makes the process of affixing the balloons pretty straight forward… Or, you can use fishing line or twine to tie the balloons together. Just remember to alternate colors and sizes as you go to create a cascading effect.

4. Hang. Hang in your desired location using twine or zip ties. Ideally, you are hanging the garland along a curtain rod or backdrop pole set-up for maximum stability.

Ready to plan your own bohemian themed bridal shower?

A bohemian themed bridal shower is a perfect way to create a relaxed and stylish atmosphere for your celebration. And there are simple and cost effective ways you can bring this thematic to life in any space. By using these DIY boho bridal shower decoration ideas, you can add a personal touch,  elevate your event space, and create a stylish and unique atmosphere without breaking the bank.

Happy planning!


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