Wine Bottle Candles – A Step by Step DIY Guide

DIY Project Guide for Repurposed Wine Bottle Candles

Ever wonder how you can repurpose all of those empty wine bottles? Next time you polish off your favorite cabernet, think twice about tossing the bottle. DIY Wine Bottle Candles are the perfect way to recycle them. They make the perfect DIY gift, or home decor accent. DIY Wine Bottle candles are easy to make, cost-effective, and a perfect way to repurpose used wine bottles.


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In this article, I will guide you through the steps to create your own wine bottle candles. So, if you’ve got a few wine bottles lying around the house, let’s get started with getting all the supplies together that you’ll need for this project.

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Supplies for DIY Wine Bottle Candles

When it comes to creating your own DIY wine bottle candles, having the right supplies on hand is key. While some items are optional depending on your preferences and desired end-product, you will want to make sure you’ve got all of these basic supplies handy to make your beautiful, repurposed wine bottle candles. Let’s take a closer look at what you’ll need to get started.

Supplies for Prepping Wine Bottles

DIY Wine Bottle Candle Project Supplies
  • Clean, empty wine bottles
  • Razor Blade (to remove labels)
  • Glass scoring tool or wine bottle cutter – This is the bottle cutter kit I used for mine.
  • Sandpaper or sanding blocks in a variety of grits (80 – 2000). This pack includes a full assortment of sanding paper grits.
  • Large bucket (to Fill with Ice Water)
  • Large pot (will use to Boil Water)

Supplies for Filling Wine Bottles

Project Guide for DIY Wine Bottle Candles

Optional Items:

  • Fragrance oil or essential oil (optional)
  • Printable Labels (optional)
  • Ribbon (optional)

How to Make a Recycled Wine Bottle Candle

Now that you’ve got all of your supplies for your recycled wine bottle candles ready to go, let’s dive into the process of making them. Here’s my step-by-step guide:

1st Step – Remove the Wine Bottle Labels

how to remove labels from wine bottles

OPTION 1: Soak the bottles in a warm sudsy bath.

  • Remove any labels or stickers by first submerging the wine bottle(s) in a bucket of warm water with dish soap. 
  • Let the bottle(s) soak for 30 minutes or more to let the soap and water do its work. 
  • Remove the label by carefully sliding a razor blade between the glass and the label to peel. 
  • Once your label is removed, clean the bottle inside and out thoroughly with soap and water and a gritty sponge to remove any excess residue. For really stubborn glue residue, you can try a paste of equal parts baking soda and olive oil, let sit for 10 minutes and scrub away.

OPTION 2: For an alternate method, here is a video tutorial showing how to remove a wine bottle label using your oven. Note, I have not tried this method myself, but the warm bath method described above can be hit or miss depending on the glue used on the label, so this could also be worth a try!

2nd Step – Cut Down the Wine Bottles

how to cut a wine bottle to create a homemade candle

VIDEO TUTORIAL: Here is a video tutorial showing you how to use the wine bottle cutting tool I’ve linked above.

  • Score your wine bottle at your desired height using the glass cutting tool.
  • Next, prepare both an ice bath and boiled water in containers that are large enough to submerge the scored part of the bottle. 
  • Hold the neck of your bottle and alternate submerging it in the ice bath and boiled water bath. Continue until your bottle breaks at the scored edge.
  • As the bottle may be hot, I suggest using tongs to remove it from the water. Set aside to dry.

3rd Step – Prepare The Wine Bottle Candle Vessels

  • Smooth the raw edge on your newly cut wine bottle through a graduated sanding process. Begin with the roughest grit (80 or so) and continue using finer and finer grits as you go. Towards the end, you should use a 1000 or 2000 wet/dry sandpaper for final finishing/polishing for the smoothest result. 
  • Next, prep your wicks by adhering a sticky dot to the bottom of the wick, removing the plastic backing, and placing it in the center of your wine bottle candle. Push down hard to ensure the glue adheres to the glass.
  • Secure the wick using one of the provided wick holders, or tie to a pencil to keep it centered in the wine bottle.

4th Step – Measure Candle Wax

how to measure how much candle wax is needed for a DIY wine bottle candle
  • First, for an exact measurement of how much wax you’ll need, set your container on top of your kitchen scale, then turn it on. The scale should read 0.
  • Next, fill the container with water about a ½” to the top and record the weight in ounces. This is the fluid ounces your container can hold.
  • Once you know the fluid ounces your container can hold, to determine the amount of wax needed, multiple the fluid ounce weight by .844.
  • If you’ve got multiple containers you’re filling at the same time and they are the same size, just multiple that number by the number of containers you have. If they are different sizes, you’ll need to follow this process for each and add them all up to get the total wax weight needed.

5th Step – Melt Wax

melt the candle wax for your wine bottle candles using a double boiler
  • First, place your pouring pot, or container you will be using to melt your wax on top of the scale. Turn it on.
  • You’ll now fill the pouring pot with your wax flakes until the scale reads the weight you just calculated in the prior step. If your pot is too small for the total weight, you’ll need to do this in batches.
  • Next, melt your soy wax in a double boiler over low heat. Stir occasionally until the wax is fully melted.

PRO TIP: If you’re planning to add fragrance, you can measure out and prep your fragrance, while the wax is melting, 

6th Step – Add Fragrance (if desired)

add fragrance to your wax by removing from the heat at 185 degrees
  • Using your kitchen scale, measure and weigh the amount of fragrance needed by following this formula: oz. of candle wax X .07
  • Once the wax is melted and reaches 185°, remove from heat and place on a heat resistant surface or pot rest. Add your  fragrance to the melted wax and stir gently to combine.

FRAGRANCE FORMULA: oz. wax X fragrance load (.07)

7th Step – Pour the Wax

pour the melted wax into your wine bottle candle vessels when the temperature is between 135 and 140 degrees
  • The optimal pouring temperature is between 135° and 140°, so monitor your temperature gauge after you’ve added your fragrance.
  • Once it cools to the 135-140° range, slowly pour the wax into the wine bottle, making sure the wick stays centered. Leave a small amount of space at the top of the bottle to allow for the wax to settle.

8th Step – Let the Candles Cool and Set

let your wine bottle candles set overnight before trimming the wick
  • Allow the candle to cool and set for several hours before trimming the wick or lighting it.
  • Add any embellishment you’d like once your candle has cooled, such as a DIY label and/or wrapping it in twine or ribbon.

Uses for Your Recycled Wine Bottle Candles 

So, you’ve learned how to make them, now how do you put them to good use? Here are 5 ways you can use your recycled wine candles.

#1 – Recycled Wine Candles for Your Home Décor

Wine bottle candles can add a touch of elegance and warmth to any room in the house. Use them as centerpieces for dinner parties, add ambiance to a relaxing bath, or create a decorative piece on a mantle or bookshelf. You can also skip filling the wine bottle with melted wax and simply use the repurposed jar as a votive holder. 

#2 – Wine Bottle Candles as DIY Housewarming Gift

Wine bottle candles make a great DIY housewarming gift option because they are not only functional but aesthetically unique. Choose a scent that matches the recipient’s taste and decor style, and even personalize with a cut custom label. Plus, since they are relatively easy to make and cost-effective, you can make several candles to give as a set or mix and match with other housewarming gifts.

#3 – DIY Wine Bottle Candle Christmas or Hanukkah Gift

DIY Wine Bottle Candles make a thoughtful and unique christmas or Hanukkah gift that can be enjoyed during the holiday season and beyond. You can choose festive scents like peppermint, cinnamon, or pine, and decorate the wine bottle with holiday-themed labels or ribbons. Wine bottle candles also make great stocking stuffers or can be added to a gift basket with other holiday treats and goodies. Plus, since they are DIY and customizable, you can create a special candle for each person on your Christmas list.

#4 – Wine Bottle Candle as Inexpensive Bridal Shower Game Prizes

If you’re planning a bridal shower and looking for affordable and unique prizes for your games, wine bottle candles can be a great option. They’re relatively easy to make, cost-effective, and can tie in with a wine-themed shower or even a candle-making activity.

#5 – DIY Wine Bottle Candles for Budget-Friendly Wedding Décor

Wine bottle candles can be a great budget-friendly wedding decor option. And, they are especially perfect if you’re planning a wine, rustic or eco-friendly theme. Incorporate wine bottle candles in a variety of ways, such as in table centerpieces, accents for wedding table displays, or even as favors for guests to take home if you’ve got the time and energy to make a big batch. 

No matter how you choose to use them, recycled wine bottle candles are a versatile and creative way to add a personal touch to any occasion. 

Repurposed Wine Bottle Candles – Now It’s Your Turn

Now that you know how to make your own wine bottle candles, it’s your turn to get creative! Consider incorporating recycled wine bottle candles into your bridal shower or baby shower games as prizes. Your guests will love the unique and thoughtful gift, and you’ll feel good knowing that you’re doing your part to reduce waste. So, grab some empty wine bottles and start crafting your own unique candles today!

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Happy Crafting!

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