Copper and Greenery Wedding: Pinterest-Worthy DIY Décor Ideas

Pinterest Worth DIY Copper and Greenery Wedding Decorations

One of the most stunning weddings I’ve attended is that of my dear friends Kim and Greg. Their wedding ceremony and reception was hosted at the stunning Geneva on the Lake. This venue is an idyllic historic setting overlooking Seneca Lake in the heart of the Finger Lakes. To complement this remarkable venue, with its majestic garden and Italian inspired design, Kim and Greg chose DIY copper and greenery wedding décor accents to create a Pinterest-worthy modern minimalist wedding aesthetic. The best part? They DIYed it all!


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Modern + Minimalist: Copper and Greenery Wedding Décor

Kim and Greg’s summer wedding was the perfect blend of elegance and natural beauty. By incorporating minimalist greenery with the warm tones of copper elements in their ceremony and reception decorations, the result was a modern and sophisticated wedding aesthetic that was both visually stunning and environmentally friendly. In this article, we will explore the DIY wedding décor elements they used, so you too can create a Pinterest-worthy Copper and Greenery Wedding that will leave everyone in awe.

Bride and groom walking the garden at Geneva on the Lake wedding venue
Photo by: Mary Dougherty Photography

DIY Copper and Greenery Wedding Chuppah

A chuppah holds significant symbolism in Jewish wedding ceremonies, representing the couple’s new home and their shared spiritual space. Kim and Greg brought even more meaning to this symbolic element by making it themselves and adorning it with the tallit, a Jewish prayer shawl, of Kim’s late grandfather to honor him as part of their ceremony.

Their DIY chuppah, made using copper pipe and eucalyptus greenery, added by florist Stacy K Floral, was the perfect way to infuse the ceremony with elegance and natural elements. Learn how to recreate this stunning DIY Copper pipe arch in this article.

DIY copper pipe wedding arch with eucalyptus swag
Photo by Mary Dougherty Photography

Sophisticated DIY Wedding Place Cards with Greenery

Wedding place cards are a small detail that can make a big impact on your guests. Especially since it’s one of the first things they’ll see when entering your wedding reception. This was an area that Kim and Greg DIYed as well, with the help of their good friend Julie Acree, a talented calligraphist, and florist Stacy K Floral.

For these stunning DIY wedding place cards, they used a heavy duty paper stock that was torn to achieve a more organic look. Guest’s names were hand written in calligraphy using a metallic pen. And their florist provided scraps of greenery from their table and ceremony arrangements to affix using mini clothespins. 

DIY Wedding place cards using eucalyptus and greenery sprigs
Photo by Mary Dougherty Photography

The place cards were arranged on a welcome table for guests to locate as they entered the reception space. The arrangement of place cards and touches of eucalyptus and fern was a great way to tie this element in with their overall Copper and Greenery wedding theme.

Copper and Greenery Wedding Table Centerpieces

The table centerpiece serves as a focal point for your wedding reception, setting the tone and style for the entire event. Kim and Greg created a modern wedding table centerpiece using a copper pipe menu holder. This element was accompanied by sprigs of eucalyptus and gold and copper mercury glass candle holders to create a stunning copper and greenery wedding table centerpiece that tied in their modern wedding aesthetic. Learn how to create this Modern Table Centerpiece Copper Pipe Menu Holder in this article.

modern wedding centerpiece with copper pip menu holder
Photo by Mary Dougherty Photography

Julie also helped Kim and Greg with their simple yet stunning table numbers, made with heavy duty, rough torn paper, calligraphed table numbers, and a simple sign holder.

copper and greenery table numbers

In the sections that follow, we’ll go through the step-by-step guide for recreating Kim and Greg’s stunning DIY chuppah and copper pipe menu holder.

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Copper and Greenery Wedding Ceremony Décor: Build Your Own Copper Pipe Arch

Creating a stunning copper pipe arch for your copper and greenery wedding may seem like a challenging task, but we’ve got you covered with this step-by-step guide. Just follow these detailed instructions to bring your DIY wedding arch vision to life.

Step 1: Measure & Plan Your Copper Pipe Arch

Begin by measuring the height and width you desire for your copper pipe arch. Consider the location where you will be placing the arch, ensuring it fits perfectly and complements the space.

Use a measuring tape to determine the required lengths for the copper pipes. It’s advisable to add a few extra inches to accommodate the connectors and provide stability.

Step 2: Gather Your Materials

Collect all the necessary materials, including copper pipes, 3-way connectors, a pipe cutter, a measuring tape, and safety equipment like gloves and goggles. Ensure you have enough copper pipes to create the desired shape and size of the arch.

Supplies for DIY Copper Wedding Arch

Pro Tip: If you can’t locate enough of the 3-way connectors, you can buy PVC versions and spray paint them with copper paint.

Step 3: Cut the Copper Pipes

Using a pipe cutter, carefully cut the copper pipes to the measured lengths. Ensure you make clean and precise cuts for a professional-looking result. Double-check the measurements before cutting to avoid any errors.

Step 4: Assemble Your DIY Copper Pipe Arch

Lay out the copper pipes on the ground according to the planned design of your arch.

Connect the pipes using appropriate connectors, such as elbow connectors for corners and T-connectors for intersections. This will create the structure and shape of the arch.

Assemble your DIY copper pipe arch

Ensure the connectors are securely tightened to provide stability and prevent any wobbling. Use a wrench or pliers to tighten them if necessary.

Step 5: Test the Stability

Once the arch is assembled, carefully lift it to an upright position. Make sure it stands firmly on the ground and does not lean or sway. If there are any stability issues, adjust the connectors and ensure they are tightened securely.

Pro Tip: To prep for transport, wrap the corners in a protective material so they don’t get scuffed up!

transport your diy copper wedding arch

Once it’s built and in place, the final step is adding your embellishments, such as greenery, floral, or fabric to complement your wedding aesthetic and color scheme. You can attach your embellishments to your wedding arch using floral wire or zip ties; however, if using real greenery or floral, I highly recommend leveraging your florist for this part! Stacy K Floral created and attached Kim and Greg’s, and it turned out flawless.

DIY Chuppah using copper pipes
Photo by Mary Dougherty Photography

Congratulations! You have successfully built your own copper pipe arch.  This beautiful and eye-catching feature will serve as the perfect backdrop for your ceremony or photo booth area.

DIY Copper pipe wedding arch with eucalyptus swag
Photo by: Mary Dougherty Photography

Copper and Greenery Wedding Centerpiece: DIY Copper Pipe Menu Holder Tutorial

Creating your own DIY copper pipe menu holders is a fantastic way to incorporate a copper and greenery wedding aesthetic. Follow these detailed steps to craft these unique and eye-catching menu holders:

Step 1: Gather Materials

Start by gathering all the necessary materials. You will need:

  • copper pipes (enough for one menu holder per table!)
  • a pipe cutter
  • a ruler or measuring tape
  • a pencil or marker
  • wooden bases (Kim and Greg purchased theirs at Michael’s and stained them!)
  • a drill with a bit slightly wider than the diameter of the copper pipe
  • sandpaper

Step 2: Cut Copper Pipes

Measure and mark the desired length for your copper pipes using a ruler or measuring tape and a pencil or marker. 

supplies for DIY Copper menu holder
Photo by Mary Dougherty Photography

Using a pipe cutter, carefully cut the copper pipes to the marked lengths, you’ll need one per holder for your vertical stand, and one per holder for the horizontal pipe that will hold your menu. Make sure to create clean and even cuts for a professional look.

Step 3: Prepare the Wooden Base

Take the wooden base and decide on the placement of the copper pipe holders. Mark the positions where you want to drill the holes for the pipes.

Using a drill bit slightly wider than the diameter of the copper pipe, carefully drill holes into the wooden base at the marked positions. Make sure the holes are deep enough to securely hold the copper pipes.

Step 4: Smooth and Prep the Copper Pipes

Use sandpaper to smooth out any rough edges or burrs on the ends of the copper pipes. This will ensure a clean and polished look.

Wipe away any dust or debris from the copper pipes to prepare them for the next step.

cut copper pipes for DIY menu holder
Photo by Mary Dougherty Photography

Step 5: Insert Copper Pipes into the Base

Apply a small amount of super glue or strong adhesive to the bottom of each copper pipe. Insert the glued ends of the pipes into the drilled holes in the wooden base. Hold them in place for a few moments to allow the glue to set and secure the pipes firmly in place. Repeat this step for each copper pipe, ensuring they are evenly spaced and straight on the wooden base.

Next, add your connector and horizontal pipe to each vertical pipe, ensuring a tight connection.

Step 6: Print Your Wedding Menu Cards

Design and print your wedding menu cards, ensuring that the width is an inch or so smaller than the width of your horizontal pipe. You can find a ton of DIY templates on Zazzle, Canva, or Etsy.

Step 7: Assemble Your DIY Copper Pipe Menu Holder

Once your menus are all printed, punch a hole in each corner of your menu and secure to the horizontal pipe with ribbon.

Give the entire copper pipe menu holder a final wipe to remove any remaining debris or fingerprints.

Photo by Mary Dougherty Photography

By following this simple steps, you can successfully create modern and stylish DIY copper pipe menu holders for your wedding table centerpieces. Place these unique menu holders on each table and incorporate additional decoration elements such as greenery, floral or candle holders to create a stunning DIY wedding centerpiece. Your guests will be impressed by the attention to detail and the modern aesthetic these copper pipe menu holders bring to the tablescape.

More Ideas for a Minimalist Copper and Greenery Wedding

Planning a minimalist greenery wedding like Kim and Greg’s offers endless opportunities to infuse your own personal style. Ideas to consider in addition to incorporating greenery into your wedding table centerpieces, place cards, and wedding altar, include:

Decor ideas for minimalist copper and greenery wedding tablescape
Photo by Mary Dougherty Photography
  • Incorporate eucalyptus or greenery into your bridal bouquet and boutonnieres
  • Choose eucalyptus, metallic, or neutral shades for your bridal party attire
  • Incorporate greenery into your wedding invitation design, or embellish with sprigs of eucalyptus or ferns
  • Incorporate metallic or copper elements into your wedding table décor, such as candle holders, trays, or sign holders
  • Opt for neutral table linens and place settings

Ultimately, the key to a successful minimalist greenery wedding is to embrace simplicity and let the natural beauty shine through.

Ready to Plan Your Own Copper and Greenery Wedding?

A copper and greenery wedding brings together the elegance of copper with the fresh allure of greenery, resulting in a modern and visually captivating celebration. By incorporating these ideas, and DIY elements Kim and Greg chose such as the copper pipe arch, greenery place cards, and copper pipe menu holders, you can create a Pinterest-worthy wedding that reflects your unique style and showcases your creativity. Remember to infuse your own personal touches and enjoy the process of planning your dream wedding.

So, there you have it. I hope Kim and Greg’s stunning copper and greenery wedding DIYs have left you inspired to create your own. Happy Planning!

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