Beyond Blooms: 16 Unique Non-Floral Wedding Centerpieces

Hey there, bride-to-be! So you’re thinking of opting out of the traditional floral wedding centerpieces? I don’t blame you. I did the exact same. For one, flowers are expensive. If you’re a bride on a budget, outfitting every table with a gorgeous flower centerpiece is going to be a huge expense. On the other hand, flowers have also had their day. Why stick with what’s been done over and over again, when there are so many other options that are just as beautiful and much more unique? But, since you’re here, I probably don’t need to sell you on this idea. So, let’s just get into it shall we? Here are 16 unique non-floral wedding centerepieces to inspire you.

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Why Choose Non-Floral Wedding Centerpieces?

The honest truth? Wedding centerpieces are beautiful, but they are going to cost you. Big time. According to Yeah Weddings’s article on how much wedding flowers cost, the average couple sets aside about 8-10% of their total wedding budget of flowers. On average, this equates to $700 – $2,500. It’s a wide range because several factors impact the cost, including the style, the size, the flowers chosen, and even your location. With this in mind, couples can save quite a bit by opting for non-floral wedding centerpieces.

Beyond the incremental savings, choosing wedding decor without real flowers gives you more options for what you do with it all afterward.

collage of non-floral wedding centerpieces

You might choose to repurpose your decor in your home, resell your wedding decorations to another bride, or even lend to family and friends for their events.

What Can I Use Instead of Flowers?

OK, so now let’s talk about what exactly you can use instead of flowers for your wedding decor. There are non-traditional wedding centerpiece ideas for the couples that are after a more unique wedding aesthetic. Then we have plenty of DIY wedding centerpiece ideas for the more crafty couple. But first, let’s look at some classic non-floral wedding centerpieces that anyone can pull off.

Classic Non-Floral Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

If you’re after a more classic look for your reception table decor, then these ideas for non-floral wedding centerpieces will be right up your alley.

#1 | Greenery Wedding Centerpieces

Greenery wedding centerpieces are an easy, cost effective substitute you can make in place of flowers. And, you can either work with your florist to select some budget-friendly greens, or you can go with faux greenery options. There are a wide variety of faux greenery garlands, greenery wreaths, or faux greenery sprigs you can arrange in simple vases.

#2 | Candle Wedding Centerpieces

Next, candle wedding centerpices offer an elegant, upscale vibe without the hefty price tag. You can go with a cluster of vases with floating candles, or romantic taper candles. I’m partial to the look of the thrifted vintage taper candle tablescape, myself. Just be sure to check with your venue before you go this route. Some do not allow open flames, so you may have to sub in LED candles.

Wedding centerpiece with greenery and taper candles
non-floral wedding centerpiece with candle votives

#3 | Lantern Wedding Centerpieces

Along the same lines as candles, lantern wedding centerpieces offer a dreamy romantic wedding vibe. A huge bonus is that they can pull double duty for both wedding ceremony and wedding reception decor. You can use them along your aisle or flanking your alter, and then move them to your tables as centerpieces for your reception. Here too, LED candle options are usually preferred by most venues.

lantern and greenery wedding centerpiece
lantern ceremony decorations

Non-Traditional Wedding Centerpieces

OK, we covered some classic examples of non-floral wedding centerpieces. Next, let’s look at ideas for non-traditional wedding centerpieces. If you’re a more adventurous couple, these ideas are for you!

#4 | Potted Plant Wedding Decor

Why go with cut flowers when you can go with potted plants? Not only do potted plants as wedding centerpieces give you that naturalist, boho vibe, you can take them home to plant afterwards! Or, consider giving them away to your wedding guests at the end of the evening!

#5 | Wedding Cake Centerpieces

OK, this is a FUN one. And I adore any idea that can pull double duty. Instead of a wedding dessert table, create mini cakes for each table. Display the cake in the center of the table, just like you would a centerpiece. Make the dessert the focal point! Because, why should we save the best for last?

#6 | Thrifted Vintage Table Decor

Next, if you’re a sucker for found items, and giving old objects new life, an arrangement of thrifted elements could be the perfect centerpiece for your wedding. If you love to read, an arrangement of stacked vintage books is both elegant and understated. Into cooking? Maybe centerpieces using vintage kitchen scales is your thing. Whatever your “thing” is, thrift store finds make incredible wedding decor.

non-traditional wedding centerpieces using thrift store finds

#7 | Fruit Centerpieces

This is truly a non-traditional wedding centerpiece idea and another one that has the potential to play double duty. And, if you’ve read this far, you know I love decor that has dual purpose. Consider a display of seasonal fruit as your centerpiece, such as pineapples and papaya for a summer wedding, or fresh picked apples for fall. At the end of the evening, let your guests have at ’em!

examples of non-traditional wedding centerpieces using fruit

#8 | Themed Wedding Decor

Perhaps the most fun, creative, and unexpected wedding decor is anything focused on a unique theme. Is there a show, movie, or activity you and your partner are especially into? Incorporate it into your wedding decor! You might even take this one step further and incorporate fun quotes or other details that really bring the theme to life.

DIY Wedding Centerpieces Without Flowers

Last but not least, let’s look at ideas for DIY wedding centerpieces without flowers. All of the below are perfect for that crafty couple who aren’t afraid of DIY wedding projects, and are after a more personalized wedding aesthetic.

#9| Copper and Greenery Wedding Decor

Consider incorporating custom copper pipe wedding decor into your centerpieces for a modern look. These DIY Copper wedding menu holders surrounded by loose greenery make such an elegant statement and are super easy to make.

DIY Rustic Wedding Centerpieces

For a rustic wedding theme, the opportunities to DIY are virtually endless. Here are just a few ideas for DIY rustic wedding centerpieces.

#10 | DIY Mason Jar Wedding Centerpieces

These versatile decor items are not only perfect for a more casual, rustic wedding vibe, they can be repurposed again and again and again for any other event. Don’t have any? Did you know you can transform old pasta sauce jars into a mason jar look-a-like? The below example is a sauce jar I transformed into a gorgeous boho mason jar style centerpiece. And… though we’re talking non-floral wedding centerpieces, as you can see, mine does have some white flowers in it, but of course, that’s completely optional.

DIY Mason jar centerpieces for wedding

#11 | DIY Wine Bottle Wedding Centerpieces

Wine bottles are a great option for non-floral DIY wedding centerpieces. And, the best part is, you can either collect these for free yourself or likely have a friend or family member you can grab them from. They make a beautiful DIY taper candle tablescape.

DIY Wine bottle wedding centerpiece with taper candles

#12 | DIY Branch Centerpieces

Why not create something using materials you can find FOR FREE! From spray painted arrangements of branches, to DIY branch trees, this DIY rustic wedding centerpiece idea can look effortlessly elegant.

#13 | DIY Boho Wedding Centerpieces

DIY Boho wedding centerpieces are a whole vibe. If you’re going for an effortlessly chic look, you have a ton of options. From DIY pompas grass arrangements in thrifted glassware to repurposed wine bottles as taper candle holders.

#14 | DIY Beach Wedding Centerpieces

Planning a beach wedding? Here too there are plenty of stunning non-floral DIY centerpieces you can choose from. From driftwood centerpieces to arrangements of coral and shells and vases filled with collected sea glass. Let the natural elements you’d find at the shore be your inspiration.

DIY beach wedding centerpieces

#15 | Fall Wedding Centerpieces DIY

Next, let’s look at some seasonal DIY centerpiece inspiration for Fall weddings. You can easily bring in the natural beauty of the seaon into your DIY centerpieces. Head to the pumkin patch and simply create arrangements of pumpkins and gourds for a colorful autumn centerpiece. For more contrast, mix in some greenery, or, use a faux pumpkin as a planter and fill with succulents.

DIY wedding centerpiece without flowers for fall using pumpkins, succulents and greenery

#16 | Winter Wedding Centerpieces DIY

Last but not least, let’s check out some non-floral winter wedding centerpieces to DIY. There is such beauty in simple arrangements of spruce sprigs, winter berries, and pinecones. These can easily be DIYed ahead of time with faux elements. Another great non-floral winter wedding centerpiece is candles surrounded by a wreath of pinecones and winter greenery.

DIY wedding centerpiece without flowers for a winter theme

Final Thoughts on Non-Floral Wedding Decor

Well, we covered a lot, friends. I hope somewhere in here you’ve found the perfect source of inspiration to guide you in creating your non-floral wedding decor vision. Just remember, anything goes. Got a fun idea we didn’t cover? Go with it! Let your insticts be your guide and you can’t go wrong. Also, I’d love to see what you create. Tag #SavvySwarey in your creations!

Ready to make some magic? You got this!


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